Cerelac Wheat & Apple 250g

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Key Benefits

  • Nutrient-Rich : Packed with essential vitamins and minerals for your baby’s healthy growth.
  • Natural Goodness : Made with crisp apples and wholesome wheat, no artificial additives.
  • Gentle On Tummies : It’s creamy and smooth texture is easy to digest.
  • Convenience : Quick and easy to prepare, ideal for busy parents.

Cerelac Wheat & Apple Cereal helps your baby to transit easily from milk to solids when weaning starts after 6 months.

The cereals are smooth and gentle on your baby’s digestive system.

Nestle Cerelac is a complementary food for babies from 6 months onwards. While infants and children have higher requirements of nutrients than adults, 2 serves of CERELAC Wheat Apple Cereal provide 75% of a baby’s daily need for iron. Also a source of 19 important nutrients including vitamins and minerals, It is free from added colors, flavors, and preservatives. 

Cerelac provides the right nutrition with iron+ for proper growth and learning and the delicious taste of natural grains.

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