Chamuze Welcomes Nestle Maggi Soya Chunk!

Get ready to pump up your protein and jazz up your favorite dishes because Chamuze is thrilled to announce the upcoming arrival of Nestle Soya Chunk!   This exciting new product is a game-changer for anyone looking to add a delicious and nutritious boost to their meals.


What is Maggi Soya Chunk?

Soya Chunk is a plant-based protein powerhouse made from soybeans.  These versatile little chunks are a fantastic source of complete protein, making them a perfect addition to various dishes.   Think spaghetti nights with a protein punch,  flavorful rice bowls,  or adding some hearty texture to your stews.   The possibilities are endless!


Why Choose Maggi Soya Chunk?

Here are just a few reasons why Soya Chunk is about to become your new kitchen BFF:


Packed with Protein:  Looking for a plant-based way to up your protein intake?   Soya Chunk delivers!  

Budget-Friendly:  Soya Chunk is an affordable way to add protein and heartiness to your meals.

Versatile Ingredient:  From pasta to stews, Soya Chunk can be incorporated into a variety of your favorite recipes.

Nestle Quality: You know and trust the Nestle brand, and Soya Chunk is no exception.


Get Ready to Chunk Up Your Meals!

With the arrival of the Nestle Soya Chunk at Chamuze, getting your daily dose of protein and creating delicious meals just got a lot easier!  We’re excited to help you explore the versatility of this amazing product.  

We can’t wait to share the official launch date for Soya Chunk on Chamuze!   In the meantime, start dreaming up all the delicious ways you’ll incorporate this protein powerhouse into your meals. We’ll share some recipe inspiration on our social media channels, so be sure to follow us @chamuzeonline on IG and FB   

Stay tuned for more updates and chunk up your meals in a new way!

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