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Valentine Special Combo 2

NGN2,982.00 Incl. VAT

Key Features

  • Available in 100cl
  • Contains 18% v/v alcohol
  • Made from real grapes
  • From the trusted stable of Grand Oak


  • Product Line: Grand Oak Limited
  • Production country: Nigeria
  • Weight (CL): 100cl & 75cl
  • Quantity: 100cl x 1 & 75cl x 1
  • Main Material: Liquid

A birthday party, an engagement, a new job, or a new house, whatever the occasion, there’s a joy that comes with celebrating with people you love. There’s even greater joy when you celebrate with Bacchus wine because it is a healthy choice for all occasions.

Bacchus Tonic Wine is a red, free-flowing rich blend of tonic wine, made from a special blend of grapes, spirits, and sherry wine with a unique pleasant taste on the palate with a slight underlying aftertaste bitterness. It is fortified with 8 essential vitamins which makes it a good choice especially when you care about being healthy.

Best when served chilled, on the rocks, mixed with mineral water, or as a cocktail with gin or vodka, or with cream/milk.


You are not a fan of alcohol but you still want to celebrate with your loved ones? St Lauren’s non-alcoholic wine is your best bet, with its smooth unique pleasant taste. St Lauren is a non-alcoholic sparkling wine made from a rare grape variety. It is a smooth unique mouthful with a very pleasant taste, and it sparks up every occasion.

While most non-alcoholic wine is sparkling wine with a deep red colour, some of them come in lighter colors. It is a great choice for celebrating moments and occasions. Best suited for merriment and enjoyment, taken with ice or straight. Essential companion during celebrations and hangouts with friends and random socializations.

St Lauren’s non-alcoholic wine comes in White, Red, and Gold. It is best served straight chilled or on the rocks.

Weight 1.75 kg
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