Tasty Tom Chicken Noodles 70g

NGN80.00 Incl. VAT

Key Features

  • Contains no sweetening agents
  • Produced from carefully and freshly harvested tomatoes
  • Made under very strict hygienic conditions
  • Suitable for the preparation of soups, stews, Jollof and pasta
  • Very nourishing and rich in vitamins
  • Gives meals the perfect tasty and fresh tomato flavours.


  • Production Country: Nigeria
  • Weight (kg): 0.65
  • Care Label: Store in a cool dry place

Jollof is a taste important to Nigerian mothers and their kids. Adding the Jollof flavour to the already delicious Tasty Tom noodles is to bring together the fun flavour of noodles and the indigenous taste of Jollof.

Tasty & easy to prepare, Tasty Tom Jollof noodles (chicken flavour) have a unique blend of spices that gives an intriguing Jollof flavour & colour. 

Tasty Tom noodles are tasty, non-sticky, non-soggy, and rich in essential nutrients. Our seasoning recipe gives it a delicious aroma and a taste that will send your taste buds on a delicious trip.

Weight 0.07 kg
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