Spectacle Lens and wipes

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The individually packed wipes are user-friendly. You can take them with you at any time. You can put it in your pockets, your car, your handbags, and spectacle cases and even go on holiday with it. 

Quite handy right??

Wipes clean in one swipe!!

HealthPoint Spectacle and Lens Wipes is alcohol-based cleaning wipes specially made for cleaning sunglasses, optical devices like cameras, binoculars, mirrors and even mobile phone screens.

The Wipes uniquely made of aqua, parfum and alcohol help to get rid of dust, dirt, germs and fingerprints on the surfaces of your devices and glasses. It leaves no residue whatsoever. It helps you disinfect your glasses for clearer vision.

The product also dries up fast leaving a shiny and smear-free glass surface. It is your best shot for a quick and clear surface.

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