Pure Bliss Strawberry Cream Wafer 40g x 1

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Key Features

  • Strawberry Cream Wafers
  • Rich Strawberry taste
  • 1 Piece
  • Net weight 40g

Need a great snack? Keep the Pure Bliss Strawberry Wafers Close. The crunch takes you back to simpler times and the taste is irresistible.

There are three variants of the Pure Bliss wafer and they are all thickly enriched with creamy goodness. Pure Bliss wafers have replaced every other cream biscuit on our list of preferred snacks.

Pure Bliss Strawberry Cream wafers leave a lingering taste in your mouth that makes you wish you could have more. A single packet weighs about 45g and is made up of 12 PACKS.

Pure bliss strawberry cream wafers are nourishing and delicious and satisfying.

Ingredients are wheat flour, vegetable fat, Sugar, Milk Powder,  Powder, Corn Starch, and Butter.

Weight 0.045 kg
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