Premier Cool Sports Antibacterial Soap 110g

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Premier Cool Sport gives you 100% better protection over ordinary soaps. Its long-lasting, relaxed feel and 25hrs protection from germs and disease-causing bacteria remain unmatched.

Premier Cool Odour Defence is an antibacterial soap specially formulated to give you that much-needed protection against germs and odour-causing bacteria, through its superior Menthol extracts that keep your skin radiantly refreshed and its Deo-Plus which dispels all bacteria copies on your skin. The odour-defence variant is specially formulated to quickly dissolve and remove dirt and protect you from unseen germs and disease-causing bacteria. It also comes with that 25 hours active freshness feature that ensures your skin stays moisturized and fresh with its unique fragrance.

The Deo-Plus is a quintessential, natural, and highly effective antiperspirant. While on its own, it only works to mask body odour, Premier Cool Odour defence works actively to eliminate the effects of bacteria that cause foul odour from your skin, while preventing the clog of sweat on your sweat pores and regulating your perspiration. Its moisturizing feature is very mild on your skin and its antibacterial feature is very tough on odour-causing bacteria.

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