Penny Delight 1

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Key Features

  • Made from quality and finest wheat
  • Fortified with vitamins and minerals 
  • Available in different sizes
  • Satisfy key culinary goals
  • Enhances mom’s culinary performance
  • Control, Perfect meals, successfully and deliciously made
  • Quick to prepare
  • Made from durum wheat semolina
  • Good source of Vitamins

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You want to host a party and are guessing if you should include a swallow in the menu. Do you need something you can add to your food timetable at home without breaking the bank?

Golden Penny Semovita is just for you!

Give your visitors a bowl of Golden Penny Spaghetti made in any variety of your choice and watch them ask for more!!

I hope you have enough. If not, get more today! Available in 500g.

Golden Penny Pure Vegetable oil is Stable, has high heat resistance, is appropriate for high-heat cooking and frying,  Won’t over-power the original flavours in your food, Do not foam, Do not fume.


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