Nutrisnax Oats Digestive Biscuits 44g x 5

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Key Ingredients

  • Nutrisnax Oat Digestive Biscuit – 44g x 5
  • Contains: Wheat & Oats(Gluten) and Soya.
  • Contains: High Fibre
  • Totally devoid of trans-fat

Health conscious but would still like a snack while working or in your time of relaxation? Buy the Nutrisnax Oats Digestive Biscuits.

Premium Nutrisnax Oats Digestive biscuit is made from oats and whole wheat, high in fibre and totally devoid of trans-fat. It is a healthy snack that you’ll have fun munching on.

This biscuit can be consumed both by adults and kids alike and can be eaten with Tea, Jam or just alone

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