Mamador Low-fat Spread 450G

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Key Features
  • Healthy & Natural taste
  • Contains Folic acid and Niacin (Ideal for a healthy and balanced diet).
  • Cholesterol and trans-fat-free
  • 20% Fat Cholesterol and Trans-Fat Free
  • Creamy  Taste (and Easier to Spread)
  • 30% Daily Allowance of Required Vitamins (7 essential Vitamins + Energy)

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Mamador 450G Low Fat Spread delivers a great taste in your mouth and provides essential nutrition to your body every time you eat it. Rich in 7 essential vitamins and energy, source of vitamins B6 & B12, A, D, E and Folic acid Niacin is Ideal for a healthy and balanced diet.
It is straightforward to spread, has a rich creamy buttery taste and is cholesterol and trans-fat-free. Perfect for spreading on bread toast, pancakes/waffles. So go ahead and enjoy your breakfast or snack every day, the healthy way.
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