Lactogen 1 12 x 400g CARTON

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Key Features

  • Baby Food
  • Healthy
  • Nutritious


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  • Production Country: Nigeria
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After a baby is born, the most important thing becomes the baby’s nutrition. When babies are not breastfed, Nestle lactogen 1 is the best source of vital nutrients, especially proteins to babies. Baby food lactogen 1 doesn’t just build your baby’s immune defenses, bones, and teeth; it creates the perfect physical and functional adaptation to the new atmosphere. Lactogen 1 is good for babies from 0 to 3 months, supplying your baby with whey protein and probiotics to protect the body from harmful infections. Every baby needs a healthy supply of proteins to grow, Nestle lactogen1 is easy to digest and gives your baby all the proteins required for short and long-term growth. Babies do not experience Lactogen stage 1 side effects except when prepared wrongly; it is perfectly safe for your baby’s health.

Weight 4.8 kg
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