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Cerelac Wheat & Maize Care 2 Junior 50g x 1

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Key Features

  • Iron: helps to create hemoglobin in red blood cells which carry oxygen to all parts of the body for vital growth.
  • Zinc: Important growth and development
  • Vitamin A: essential for the functioning of the eyes
  • Vitamin C: helps your baby’s body to absorb iron from food.
  • DHA: An important building block for the brain and eye development for children
  • CHE: An exclusive technology is known as Cereals Hydrolyzed Enzymatically by Cerelac which breaks down carbohydrates like rice or wheat into smaller components for easy digestion

Cerelac Infant Cereal helps your baby to transit easily from milk to solids when weaning starts after 6 months.

The cereals are smooth and gentle on your baby’s digestive system.

Nestle Cerelac is a complementary food for babies from 6 months onwards. While infants and children have higher requirements of nutrients than adults, 2 serves of CERELAC Wheat Apple Cereal provide 75% of a baby’s daily need for iron. Also a source of 19 important nutrients including vitamins and minerals, It is free from added colors, flavors, and preservatives. 

Cerelac provides the right nutrition with iron+ for proper growth and learning and the delicious taste of natural grains.

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