Great Reasons to Use PREMIUM Compatible Printer Toners & Inks

Just about everybody has a printer these days, and just about everybody needs ink, making it a big business for some and a huge expense for home and office computer users. The market size is in excess of £20billion.

It’s safe to say there are millions of businesses and homes all across the world with at  least a personal computer and a printer. These printers and computers are used for a wide variety of reasons. Home business needs and schoolwork are just two popular uses. While the offices will need to provide tangible items/documents that will be handed to their customers like proposals etc. As consumers will quickly discover, the regular purchase of branded printer ink cartridges can soon become a significant regular outlay. This is one of the primary reasons why it’s worthwhile to consider the use of compatible printer ink cartridges or toners as an alternative.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Compatible Ink Cartridge/Toner?

Now you may be asking yourself what exactly is a compatible printer ink cartridge? They’re probably best explained as inkjet printer ink cartridges that have been manufactured to meet the standard of the ORIGINAL PRINTER MANUFACTURERS INK QUALITY. If you’re one of the many individuals that have decided to try compatible printer ink cartridge then you’ll quickly find their use can bring a variety of benefits. One reason why these types of printer cartridges are so popular is that there are virtually no OEM printers that won’t work with them.

2. Will I Save Some Money If I Buy?

The money saving aspect is the most obvious benefit of using compatible manufactured ink cartridges especially considering that just a few branded cartridges can actually cost more than the printer itself. Doing a little research and comparison shopping will help you determine that in the long run using Radinks compatible printer inks can end up saving you a lot of money.

3. Is Premium Toners of Inferior Quality To OEM Inks?

Another issue among consumers interested in compatible printer inks is that they might produce an inferior quality print job as compared to printer cartridges produced by a printer manufacturer. Again there is no need for worry as a good quality Radinks compatible printer ink will provide its user with a print job equal to manufacturers’ cartridges.

4. Will compatible inks damage my printer?

Using Premium Toners in your cartridges or in you continuous ink supply system will not in any way impair the function or operation of your printer. Extensive testing has been done to ensure that Radinks performs to the same standards as the OEM original inks.

5. Will using PREMIUM products void my printer warranty?

The simple answer is NO! Printer manufacturers will have you believe that by using compatible inks that you will automatically void your printer warranty, but in reality only if the ink itself causes the malfunction would this be the case. For example if the carriage motor on the printer fails, the manufacturer cannot presuppose that the ink has caused the malfunction. In fact if the manufacturer intends to void a warranty because of a third party product being used with it, they have to show conclusively that it is the third party product that caused the damage or malfunction.

6. How can cheaper ink really compare with OEM ink when OEM is so expensive?

Printer manufacturers often sell their printer at close to manufacture cost to compete favourably with other manufacturers of printers. They make all their profits on the inks that they sell. This is why they set the price of their inks so high. Radinks competes with price and matches on quality. Remember that when you purchase a cartridge that a high proportion of the cost is in the cartridge and not just the ink. With your Radinks products you bypass this cost.

7. How many OEM compatibles does PREMIUM support?

All major OEM brands -Epson, Canon, HP, Samsung, Olivetti, Xerox, Brother and franking Machine ink jets etc. are supported by PREMIUM products.

8. How can I confirm the product quality?

There are three manufacturing plants, each of which has a dedicated role with over 40 years of combined Research and Development. Our Inkjets are developed in-house from the initial shell to the finalized packaged product. Our ink is sourced from Formulab and all products are fully tested in accordance to stringent procedures. Our ink formula remains consistent with that of the original, and recent survey illustrated that 9/10 customers will choose ‘Radinks’ over OEM due to clarity, color depth and image sharpness. For our Revolutionary Toner range, all parts and majority of the toner powder are sourced and manufactured by Mitsubishi Japan. Our complimentary shell allows our toners to be used on a one to many’ model basis whilst retaining universal pre-programmable chips. Our Toner factories have dedicated teams for each brand and this ensures better assembly, reliability and consistency across entire range.

9. What Technical Service support is provided?

We strive to work to build the best solutions and hence measures are in place to eradicate abuse. In the case of a genuine faulty batch, there is a ‘no quibble’ return policy in place to swiftly replace the goods through a well-documented return policy. This continuous after sales support that will ensure that the products deliver to the required standard. REDOT is currently setting up a bespoke online ordering platform that will support your needs and make the delivery of your order prompt to meet your timely demand.

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